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The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Principles is a method of Muscular and Fascial lengthening and release. This is a type of unique Physiological Release which provides effective and facilitated stretching of  the 3 Dimensional Connective Tissue Matrix of the living body. Not only does AIS provide functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes, incorporating the total 3 dimensional body tissue matrix, it also can improve Total Body Performance , Tissue Perfusion and Cellular Nutrition. AIS uses the princple or Reciprical Inhibation and thus procides not only  tissure release by stretching,  but also muscle activation. Active Isolated Strengthening is also a very important part of this process, which is the re-activation and re-education of injured fibres.


AIS is a recognised world wide treatment  which has helped treat and rehabilitate people who have a variety of ailments and needs, it is a innovative and revolutionary practice in the field of prevention and rehabilitation when utilising its unique techniques . This academy is sanctioned by Aaron Mattes, the founder of this unique form of stretching and strengthening, who has developed these techniques of treatment over the last 45 years. He continually improves AIS by studying anatomy,physiology, bio mechanics and practicing as an AIS clinician.


Aaron Mattes has been developing and improving the techniques of AIS for over the last 45 years. In this time it has become recognised as a unique, worldwide practice which provides relief to patients who could not be helped through traditional therapies. We still believe that manual therapy is of benefit to patients, but AIS has advantages that manual therapy is limited in.


Conditions commonly treated effectively by AIS include, disc pathology, degenerative joint disease, to  hamstring strain/tear, medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), shoulder impingement and much more. To find out more about Aaron Mattes therapies please visit his website:


Stretching USA.

About AAMT

The Academy for Aaron Mattes Therapies is sanctioned by Aaron Mattes himself, who was also integral in the creation of all three course syllabus. The Academy has been formed to maintain, continue and monitor the ethics, beliefs, standards and practices of students and graduated practitioners according to that of its founder. The courses on offer at AAMT are the first of its type outside of the United States and one of the few ways to become properly accredited in Active Isolated Stretching.

Biotensegrity is a new way of understanding human anatomy. It represents a significant conceptual shift from the view that our bones are the load bearing structures in our bodies. Instead, there are only tension and compression elements. There are no shears, bending moments or levers, just simple tension and compression, in a self organising, hierarchical, load distributing, low energy consuming structure. We are primarily tensegrity structures and our bones do not directly pass load to each other. Thus, the tension structure created by our fascial network must be understood and worked on for patient relief.


We have collated numerous noteworthy articles which you can explore to find out more about the concept which is crucial to the application of active isolated stretching.


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• Soft Tissues for Structural Support of the Body


• Continuous Tension, Discontinuous Compression:


• Tensegrity: The New Biomechanics


• The Mechanics of Martial Arts


• Observation of Articular Surface Contact in Knee Joints


• Masi AT, Hannon JC. Human Resting Muscle Tone (HRMT)


• Primordial Structure


• The Icosahedron as a Biologic Support System


About Garry Nimmo











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"We'd like to endorse Garry for the kind of work that he has done through Active Isolated Stretching and the Aaron Mattes Method in Scotland at this point, progressing forward as the seminars as he is going to be presenting will enable people to learn the Mattes Method, which is called Active Isolated Stretching. This innovative, new programme will revolutionise the area of Rehabilitation.

- Aaron  Mattes

AAMT Principle, Garry Nimmo, is a full-time AIS clinician,

specialising in sports injury and muscular-skeletal rehabilitation and performance enhancement in all sports, from his treatment facility in Aberdeen, Scotland.


It was due to an unexpected motorcycle accident in 1978 that required him to spend 7 months in hospital, requiring skeletal traction, bone grafts, skin grafts and metal work inserted in to his right femur at that time and the association with Aaron Mattes since has led to the formation of the AAMT.


The care he received from the staff of the hospital sparked an interest in helping others. He worked for many years in his native New Zealand, Australia, England and Scottish hospital operating theatres, sports and remedial therapies before being introduced to Aaron Mattes. It was the treatment he received from Aaron Mattes decades after his accident that then his leg rehabilitation took on a different response which lead to a much improved and functional leg. It was only after treatment received from Aaron Mattes that his leg rehabilitation was greatly improved to a more functional leg.

In 2015 Garry sat the Certification exam in AIS, AISNCB ( Active Isolated Stretching National Certification Board ) in which he was successful in, making Garry the first and only Board Certified AIS Therapist outside the USA. In 2013 Garry started to formulate a teaching program for AIS, he also founded the 'Academy for Aaron Mattes Therapies',  and became the Principle of it also. The AAMT and the syllabus for all the courses that range from Basic, which is an Introductory Seminar, to the Diploma Course in AIS has been authorised and endorsed by the founder or AIS Mr Aaron Mattes. Aaron Mattes was also actively involved at all stages and with all material contained in all the AIS courses, all final drafts were vetted and approved by Mr Aaron Mattes. The aim of the AAMT , which Garry Nimmo founded is to uphold the principles and ethics of AIS's founder Aaron Mattes, and to teach AIS is its purest form.


This means Garry Nimmo now trains other therapists worldwide to learn how to practice through their Introduction/Basic Seminar to its 'Certificate of Proficiency' and its 'Diploma in AIS', which is the only one of its type in the world.

It was the fact that this form of rehabilitation was not available while he was a patient, either in hospital or in physiotherapy rehabilitation, that lead Mr Nimmo to further the teachings and practices of AIS, and eventually to the formation of the 'Academy for Aaron Mattes Therapies'.

It is the academy which its Principle hopes, will be the vehicle to which many

other health care professionals will be enabled to further and improve

Patient care.


While helping to treat the New Zealand Touch Blacks contingent, the

stretching techniques he learn from Aaron Mattes generated a huge

interest: 'The stretching I was using generated a huge interest as it

was something that none of them had experienced been exposed to

before. So for the opportunity to follow up the offer made at the

World Touch Championships which was to create history and to introduce

Active Isolated Stretching to New Zealand and its elite Athletes in

all sports, via the Academy of Sport, was just far too much of a

temptation for me not to take up”


What Garry feels very strongly about is that AIS can and is being used in his clinic as a proactive treatment as well as a form or rehabilitation.

Garry has had numerous successes since using AIS and has lectured on

its application and benefits around the world. See the testimonials

on this page to see how life changing his work has been.

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