Football Player ACL Injury and Rehab

Aged 20 I snapped my cruciate ligament playing football, I was playing to a good standard. Unfortunately due to misdiagnosis and NHS waiting lists I didn’t receive the corrective surgery until nearly 2 years later. Post 1 year’s rehab I eventually returned to football, although it was short lived as I tore meniscus in the same knee 4 months later, two years and two operations later I was ready to go again. This time I knew I had to do a lot of work if I was to play football again, I spent a lot of time on fitness and strengthening and eventually (after over 6 years from initial injury) I was able to return to playing football again, although not to the same standard I was just happy to be playing again.


I played two seasons, getting in and out of the team, suffering from a few minor injuries on the way keeping up my fitness and strength training throughout. Although I was happy to be playing again I was beginning to get frustrated with my performances, my legs were tired despite all my training, I was getting muscle injuries, despite all the time I’d spend static and dynamic stretching before games and I wasn’t playing particularly well.


This was around the time I came across Active Body Balance and Garry Nimmo, it was by chance I picked up a leaflet advertising his clinic, sounded like something worth trying. I called Garry, gave him all my medical history and arranged my first appointment. After a discussion explaining the technique Garry went straight to work, analysing my posture, flexibility, muscle strength (or lack of!) everything, he could see where I had excess tension and where flexibility was suffering, where I had poor muscle length and what was required. We then commenced AIS treatment of my legs, after around 30minutes I was instructed to stand up and see how I feel – it was unbelievable the feeling in my legs, I felt I had a new pair of legs, I felt so light and free I was genuinely astonished. Garry continued the treatment working my whole lower body, the technique is like no other I had tried before, it is almost completely painless (as appose to sportsmassage), the stretch is held for only 2 seconds and repeated 6-10 times. Each muscle is isolated with a specific stretch, many of the muscles in my legs I never even knew existed and each stretched in different directions – not just straight leg as I was used to.


Within 2 ½ hours I was good to go, I basically bounced out of his clinic and down Union Street, it was quite a feeling!


Since the initial appointment I return every few months for a full stretch out and to learn a bit more, the beauty of it is that Garry wants to teach you to do it yourself, he isn’t like many other therapists who are happy to have repeat customers, he wants you to learn and to achieve your goals, this has definitely happened for me. I have just completed my first football season since incorporating AIS

into my training (I stretch now for around 20-30mins nearly every day – at first this was a thought, but when you feel the benefits I have, you will want to do more!) I started every single game I was available for this season, suffered from zero injuries, and I finished to goal scorer. On top of this I feel I’m the fittest I’ve ever been (aged 29) and my sprinting has improved remarkably. I have since referred almost everyone I know to Garry (injured or not, young and old); he has been without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to my new pair of legs!

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