Surfing Accident / Whiplash Treatment and Rehabilitation

After falling from the top of an 8 foot wave and landing at on the side of my neck at la Graviere whilst living in Hossegor and being helicoptered off to Bayonne hospital back in July last year, a nasty

car smash in November and 3 stints in hospital, I was a complete emotional physical and emotional wreck when I arrived at Garry's office.


I initially contacted him from my hospital bed at ARI (2nd of 2013)after neurosurgeons and specialist advised that I had bruised my spinal cord and damaged the c7 nerve in my neck. They suggested that I continued with physio which was the reason I had ended back in hospital after she gave me an intensive deep tissue neck massage which gave me pins and needles, electrical impulses in my arms, legs and bottomand caused me severe discomfort and a 5 night stint in the neuro ward. I went to Garry a couple of days after getting out of hospital as he fitted me in at extremely late notice. I was so nervous, walking like an old lady and very stooped. My whole body was a wreck.


Garry did not treat me in the first session, but for 2 hours he gathered all the information, my MRI result, X-ray results from France and ARI plus listened to my story. The next session I arrived and for 4 hours Garry worked with me explaining the AIS techniques and re-aligning my pelvis. He had identified that my whole body had splinted after the accident and that I had developed Upper Cross

Syndrome which when I advised a spinal physio of my condition she had no idea what this even was! I knew more about my injury than she did and it was Garry that taught me everything I needed to know. He made me understand how my body was working and what my injury was. It was so insightful and I learnt so much in the space of a few hours. I was so nervous the first session and Garry said he could feel my connective tissue preventing him slightly. I guess because I was so scared of being hurt even more. After session 2 I was involved in a bad road traffic accident. I was back in hospital for the third time in 2013 and this time it was for 8 nights. I went to live with my mum in Perth for 3 months after the accident but still made my appointments with Garry in December. They were keeping me going. I felt Garry was the only one I could trust and I knew how much he had already helped me just from 2 sessions.


After a couple more sessions, my body began to react extremely well to the treatment and I became less nervous and my body was doing what Garry was asking it to do. He had spent ages working from my toes up. Always saying that we would treat the neck last. He appreciated the injury had affected everything and it had but that my neck was rejecting anyone going near it so Garry worked on releasing the connective tissue around my lumber first, then thoracic, then cervical. None of the physios operated like this. They treated my neck as the sole problem but I had lost muscle mass on my whole body. Garry took pictures and it was so visible how he helped me from treatment to treatment. 6 months down the line after being treated by Garry, I can honestly say he was an integral part of me getting my life back. Of course, I have worked relentlessly rehabbing and training too. Every day without fail even on a trip to New York I complete my whole AIS stretching programme. I have built strength each day through training and learning from everything Garry taught me.


I honestly cannot thank him enough as if I had not been lucky enough to be passed his contact details I have no idea where I would be today. He is amazing! Last year has taught me so much and continues to do so. Never take a day in your life for granted. I feel so blessed that I am still here and I know someone greater than me has been watching over me. I am now back in the water and teaching surf lessons again. As Garry always said to me "you eat the apple bite by bite" and that is exactly how my rehab continues slowly but surely. I will continue to have treatments with Garry every few months. It is so important to me to keep healthy and keep getting fitter and progressing more to prevent injury.


Thank you for everything Garry.


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